Friday, June 29, 2007

Follow Up

So now I can write that Douglas Frantz has left the building as well.

According to a piece in today’s Business section of The Los Angeles Times, and as reported yesterday on the website, Douglas Frantz, the controversial managing editor of the paper has resigned. He will take a position as Middle East bureau chief at the Wall Street Journal. Interestingly enough, his new home base will be…wait for it…Istanbul, Turkey.

It is unfortunate that Mark Arax, an award-winning journalist with twenty years at the paper, had to resign first. I will miss Arax’s work on the pages of the paper.

In fact, there was news this week on a variety of former West writers who have found new positions. It seems Los Angeles Magazine will be the beneficiary of the Times’ recent forced exodus of quality. Good for them. At least those of us who want to read excellent writing know where we can find it.

It is also worth noting that the Armenian National Committee of America has taken at least some of the responsibility for forcing Frantz out. According to a press release they issued today, “This past April, the ANCA led a grassroots campaign to raise awareness regarding Frantz’s actions. Over 5000 activists responded to an ANCA action alert and sent emails and letters calling for Frantz’s resignation.”

Zanku Armenian, ANCA western region Board member said that “Doug Frantz’s resignation from the Los Angeles Times is an appropriate answer to his unprofessional behavior and anti-Armenian posture in the newsroom.”

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