Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Winter Rose

I was inspired today to find beauty in the everyday landscape of life. Who inspired me? Take a look at The Jimson Weed Gazette for a beautiful shot of downtown Los Angeles at night. Once you have exhausted the images on the blog, move over to the photographer's website, East of West L.A. Kevin McCollister is a talented artist. It is difficult to make L.A. beautiful, exotic, ghostly and haunting. He does it all, sometimes in the same photograph.

The weather is turning colder this weekend. The solstice is coming. The moon is in its full stage, and is passing closest to the earth, so it looks huge and bright in the night sky. I was just out with Stone, taking in the view. Ah, the smell of wood smoke.

Winter in Los Angeles can, on occasion, be beautiful, like a winter rose.

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  1. Thanks, Paul, for those really nice words.

    Your comment motivated me to thank everyone who has included words of appreciation this year regarding my photos.


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