Thursday, April 8, 2010

Please Help Madeline

A special Thursday edition of The Teacher’s View focuses on someone who needs your help. The following is a press release from Friends For Pets Foundation with an accompanying link to a video of a special friend-in-need:

Madeline is a friendly Wire Haired Pointer. Friends for Pets Foundation interceded for Madeline by taking her out of a shelter where she had been impounded and unwanted by her owner. She had a limp and her right rear hip muscle was atrophied. She was in a lot of pain.

An x-ray showed that Madeline's femur had been severely impacted and driven into her pelvic bone and it had fused that way. Our vet thinks she probably had been hit by a car when she was about 6 months old and didn't get proper treatment from her owner.

Madeline was going to need an expensive surgery if she was going to have a chance at walking and playing again.

Dawn VerMeulen took Madeline to a specialist and he said the only way to reduce the pain and let her lead a fairly normal life would be to perform FHO surgery. Dawn called FFP's Founder Diane Monahan from the parking lot at the surgery center to tell her the news. Without hesitation Diane said "How soon can he do the surgery?"

Madeline had the surgery the very next day.

And she's been in Dawn's care now as a foster, getting 24/7 attention and a lot of love during the rigors of her intensive physical therapy.

Obviously, Friends for Pets is committed to Madeline's future. She's now a happy, 10-month old tail-wagger who will become a wonderful member of some lucky family. She's healing up and should be ready for adoption in a few more weeks.

But the cost of the surgery and physical therapy is estimated at $5,000.

And that's why we are coming to you with this special appeal. Our funds are limited. It is only with your help that Friends for Pets can continue to rescue and care for pets like Madeline. So please open your heart and give a gift to help Madeline pay for her hospital stay.

Your gift of 25, 50, 75, 100 or 500 dollars, or any amount you can afford, will go a long way in paying off this surgery and helping us save countless other loving pets.

Send your check today or go to our website to donate now.


Here is the link to Madeline’s video on You Tube.


  1. Because you've been a visitor to my blog for a while now, I'll send something.

  2. Thank you, K. Every little bit helps the folks at Friends For Pets take care of the dogs, including Madeline.

  3. Me, too, Paul. Any friend of Stone's is a friend of mine! And I'll pass the word.

  4. Much appreciated, Annie. I no longer have Stone to get me outside in the early morning and evening to look for those Canadian geese, but I will try to poke my head out every now and again to give you a progress report on their flights north or south.

    Take care.


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