Friday, August 19, 2011

New Digs, New Year

Here are some shots from my first week back on campus in my new office.  It's a small piece of real estate, but it is all mine.  Now all I need are my writing students.

By the way, anyone want to take a shot at identifying the writers and artists on the board?


  1. I remember all those photos from class! Hope everything is well.


  2. So glad you are back teaching! I imagine your "sabbatical" has left you rested and with new perspective. Are you at the same school? Have a great year!

  3. So glad to hear you're back at the podium; excellent news. Good luck in the new year.

    Okay, the guy in the white hat is Truman Capote, and I think that's Jack London to the right, and a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess); I think that's Dostoevsky to the left, and then way down in the right-hand corner, is that John Updike?

    After that, maybe the lady underneath "Jack" is Virginia Wolfe, but that's REALLY a shot in the dark. And the rest of those guys are probably some extremely esoteric, long- forgotten authors that you threw in there just to make people like me crazy.

    Welcome back to the work-a-day world; good to have you back.


  4. Shahe, things are better. I hope you are doing well in this your last year of high school. Big changes ahead. Good luck, and whatever college you attend will be very lucky, indeed.

    Lori, I am at the same college as last year, but with a more permanent and expanded role. I am really looking forward to meeting my classes next week.

    Pope John, you nailed them all! And I like the SWAG acronym. I'll file that one away for future use. Thank you for commenting and doing the guessing game.

    Take care all.

  5. I spy Walt Whitman, D.H. Lawrence, Camus, and Brassai's Les Escaliers de Montmartre (Paris, 1936). Of more interest is that fountain pen! I have one remarkably similar to it. Who needs a window when you can have a wall of friends and literary mentors surrounding you each day? Your students are lucky to have you!

  6. The wall was located on a bulletin board in my classroom for many years, but I always wanted it closer to my workspace. Now I feel very lucky to have all those heroes looking down on me as I perform my humble work.

    And I feel lucky to have my students, Annie. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Walt Whitman, Truman Capote, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Did I see Albert Einstein there?

    By the way, Paul, I only looked back & saw nearly a month later that you commented on my post about Amy Winehouse. At long last, I responded.

    Where do you teach?

  8. I'm smiling right back at you, Andressa.

    jguywrite, you picked them out quite nicely. Did you read the Rolling Stone article about Winehouse? I also heard there were no drugs in her system at the time of death. Most of her friends and family believe withdrawl killed her. Evidently, she went cold turkey and the shock was too much. Twenty-seven is much too young.

    Thanks to both of you for commenting.


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